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Today I will be reviewing a blog called aswiftproduction. I chose to review this blog because it is my friends blog so i decided to review his blog. The blogs owner is named Aaron Brown. I will be writing about my likes and dislikes of his blog. Here is the link to his website so you can follow him or like his posts:

My feelings towards whether or not i like his blog are mixed. I like the fact that he categorized his subjects such as Art, English,Physics and more. However, I felt as though his theme lacked color other than blue. His theme that he used was called Able by Automatic. I like the widget he used called Recent Posts. This is useful in organizing his posts making it easier to navigate and fight his posts. The song he chose was Prettier on the Outside by Bullet for my Valentine. I didn’t really like the song because I’m not too much in to rock.

Overall I liked aswiftproduction’s blog because despite the somewhat boring profile it had a little character to it. If you knew him it was easy to tell that it was Aaron’s blog because of the color and music he liked.

In Web Development I learned how to create a blog and add widgets such as “Playlists” and “NFL”. However, we were unable to do any work for the past 2 days because the freshman class had to use the computers for their test.

Over the week in chemistry we have been doing some reviewing for the test that we had yesterday. I found the chemistry test to be easy and i feel very confident that i got at least over a 90.

In English class over the past week we have been study cohesion and how to incorporate it into our writing. Also we have been reading a short story called “In Search of Captain Zero” which is about the perspective of a 9yr old on the ocean and then of the same man who is now 49yrs old.

During my Trigonometry class we have been doing absolute value. Absolute value is currently the only thing i understand in Trigonometry.

In my U.S. History class I have been doing a group project. The group that i was in is assigned Benjamin Franklin and today we must answer questions about him.